Ash Black Bufflo - Andasol

An interview with Ash Black Bufflo regarding Andasol: 

KFR: What is Andasol about?

ABB: Wow, right off the bat. Uh, it’s about a lot of things, but mostly about cursedness. And violence. Violence to yourself and others. Ghosts—personal and from a ways back. There’s redemption in there too, somewhere.

KFR: Wonderful. How long did it take?

ABB: Five years.

KFR: That’s a long time. It’s a long album too. 

ABB: Yeah, well…

KFR: There’s a lot of different styles on Andasol. Why not settle for one and get it right?

ABB: I wanted to cover a lot of range…what didn’t I get right?

KFR: Do you think living in Portland has done anything for you or for the album?

ABB: The rain makes you stay inside and work. Other than that, playing in good bands over the years—Dolorean, Grails, Holy Sons, the Standard—has helped a lot. Good friends and good musicians all around. 

KFR: What artists would you reference in regards to Andasol?

ABB: That’s a good question…

KFR: Because I could come up with some obvious names.

ABB: I feel like you’re being confrontational.

KFR: I just want to understand the album.

ABB: Why don’t I offer up some names instead? 

KFR: Of course.

ABB: (unintelligible) 

KFR: Pardon?

ABB: For sure there’s some Brian Eno in there. Some Moondog. William Goyen. Peter Garland. Uh…Mason Williams. I sound like a jerk. Uh, Arnold Dreyblatt. Arvo Part. Some poor man’s west coast minimalism. I sound like an idiot. You’re making me sound like an idiot. (laughs) 

KFR: I knew one name on that list and I don’t like his music at all.

ABB: Well, there you go.

KFR: Best of luck to you! I’m sure the album will do wonderfully.

ABB: (unprintable) 

Andasol contains music from the documentary, Marwencol


01. Come Back
02. Misery is the Pilgrim’s Pasture
03. Summer Night with Silverware
04. Murph the Surf
05. Ring Shout Step
06. Tulsa Slut
07. A Little Parenthesis of Good Times
08. Suburban Djinn
09. Buho
10. Greatness Strikes Where it Pleases
11. Darkturnofmind
12. Tennessee Choctaw Nightwife
13. A Walk in the Sun
14. Cheeseburger Tragedy Desert Crash in Chrome
15. Heron Lake
16. Violent People
17. Go ‘way Old Ghosts
18. Andasol

CD includes Digital Download Card (High Quality 320kbps MP3).

Released May 24, 2011.

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